Communication Objectives

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

My chosen article focuses on the difficult task of students to pay their bills at the end of each week. It goes into detail on the amount that students can receive through StudyLink and compares the amount to previous years.

After reading the article, I have broken it down into some main ideas that I want to focus on. The communication objectives I want to convey with my image are the following: financial struggles for students, increased pressure, reaching breaking point, the difficulties of balancing demands of being a student.

In researching some images that could relate to my article, the theme of something costing ‘an arm and a leg’ came into my mind so this is something that I would like to play around with in my image. I also want to use clear symbols to represent money, such as coins, notes, wallets and piggy banks.

To communicate the main ideas of the article, I think that a main idea I need to get across is the idea of pressure boiling up and becoming too much. I want my image to really get across the difficulty that some students face when it comes to dealing with their finances and to show how hard it can be for students to support themselves while balancing their studies.

I am also aiming to achieve a surreal look with my image, where the image looks very real while being abnormal and strange, with a dark feel to it.

The image that I will create will be photo-real and put together with two or more images.


One comment on “Communication Objectives

  1. sarahdowns22 says:

    You have chosen an interesting article which is relevant to all students! Your chosen messages you intend to communicate seem very clear and I really like the idea of using imagery to a piggy bank. The ‘arm and a leg’ concept could work really well aswell and convey the pressure and stress you want to show. I like the idea of trying to achieve a surreal look to you image by using dark lighting etc.


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