Source Photos

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

I decided to go with my first concept.

The following are my source photos. I have taken various shots of each asset as I need to make sure I align the positioning of the head with the piggy bank.

I was also unable to find the piggy bank I was after. So I took shots of a couple of different ones. I want to have the porcelain look to mine as it will work with the pieces that are broken. But I like the colour of the pink one. I need to take out the images on the side of the white piggy bank and change it’s colour. I might also blend in some of the features from the pink one as it’s nose etc are more obvious.

Not sure if I will be keeping facial expression or if it will completely be the piggy bank but I kept it just in case!


The good thing about using yourself as the model is that you know exactly how you want the photo to look!


Colour of this


Texture of this. Need to get rid of pictures on sides and change colour


It is really important to have the hole featured obviously in the top of the head so that viewers know it is a piggy bank


Have taken plenty of different shots of each piece so I can use them as pieces flying out of the side. I also need to create the broken head with these pieces


Also have close ups of each coin in different positions as these will also be flying out of the exploded head


2 comments on “Source Photos

  1. rachel1s25 says:

    Your pictures look great! I saw your thumbnails and liked one and four. I find idea 1 really shows what you want your message to be because the image is the student is struggling with money problems, can’t take the pressure and then the head explodes. So having a piggy bank as a head really works! It is metaphorically saying the head is very fragile in a way because it porcelain. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the image 🙂 Good Luck!


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