Brief 1 Research – Visual communication examples

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Visual communication examples:

After choosing idea 1, I have found some images which give me a further idea of how I could edit my images together.

I think that it will be easier to not include any of the person’s head, and totally put the piggy bank head as their head. This will mean I will have to potentially take out the legs of the piggy bank. I also like the idea of having the glasses as it could emphasise that the topic is about students. I need to make the coin slot quite obvious so that people can tell it is a piggy bank.

I like this effect for the head. I think once I have put the piggy bank and the head together in photoshop, I will then do this effect to the piggy bank. I have found a tutorial which I will post as another research post which will hopefully help me to achieve the cracked effect. Then around the edges I need to add in flying pieces of the broken piggy bank, as well as the coins.


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