Brief 1 Research – Shadows

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

In the final stages of putting my image together, I need to know how I can create some shadows in my image. I need this mostly for the hand holding the piggy bank as the head. I may also play around with shadows on the flying coins and broken porcelain from the head on the wall behind the subject. I am interested to play around with the distance from the coins to their shadow I may create, to create the idea that they are in mid-air.

Something else I want to play with is adding some motion to the flying pieces to emphasise that they are moving, making the image look more photo-real. I think that if I do not add the shadows and motion, the flying pieces will look like they are static and stuck to the background. I have used this technique before in Photoshop, but I have not done this ‘non-destructively’, so it will be a learning process for me.

Here are links to the tutorials I will be referring to:

– Using Photoshop to create fake shadows: link

– How to add a simple shadow using Photoshop: link

– Realistic case shadow effect in Photoshop: link

– Create movement – motion blur Photoshop tutorial: link

– How to add realistic spinning motion blur effects in Photoshop CC: link


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