Assignment workflow

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Like with the first assignment, I thought it would be a good idea for my first WIP post to be the workflow stages for this assignment.

The steps which I will be following are:

– research: deciding on idea, what aspects of this do I want to include in my infographic, what do I want the main points to be?

– wireframe/skeleton/flowchart of idea: sketching out how I want the infographic to look and how I want it to be layed out.

– colour scheme/coding

– graphics: what images and fonts do I want to include

Based on the theory from today’s tutorial, I also need to decide if I want my infographic to be themed or referenced. Themed may help to sell my message as it will have to be read into more to communicate something, while referenced will include more icons, pointers, charts – can be used to avoid visual clutter. At the moment I am thinking that I would prefer to make a themed infographic as I think it will allow me to be more creative.

What images I want to use in my infographic is important as I want to use as little text as possible to communicate my ideas.


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