Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

My idea for this assignment is around overcoming depression. I would like to take the angle of informing people of simple ways of getting out of depression. My inspiration came from a book I recently read called ‘A Bit Mental’ by Jimi Hunt. In this book, he shows the following ‘cheat sheet’ into how he overcame his depression based on tips from a psychiatrist:

11216343_10205769622511046_1073190660_nI want my infographic to be very visual, with symbols and images to represent the actions listed in Jimi’s ‘cheat sheet’. I may also do further research into the things listed here and may change some of what I cover based on other information I find, but I thought for a start, the simplicity of this list could work quite well as an infographic. Jimi’s story is interesting because it proved to me that you have to take control of your life and in doing so, you can so easily change your situation. So through my infographic, I want people to understand that a change of lifestyle can make all the difference and that for people with symptoms of depression, they are not actually as ‘stuck’ as they may think they are.


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