Idea first plan

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

This week’s WIP is a couple of rough sketches that I made this morning when an idea came to me. I decided that to keep it simple and clear I want to have the input and output of the brain as the main focus. I want to represent these with the happy and sad faces, then possibly arrows or connecting sections to explain each one a bit further with other symbols and some text.

I really want the focus to be on the ‘yahoo’ moments and fun that ‘cures’ depression that Jim Hunt talks about in his book.


Ignore the font obviously! Just ideas that I wrote around it.

I was also thinking of this idea. Having the brain in the middle again, but having the ‘prescriptions’ on the left side and then the outcomes or ‘side effects’ on the right side. I realised though that to represent most of the outcomes in images is basically just a happy face, so I think I need to play around with this idea a bit more. I think I prefer my first idea at the moment, but I like this one because I can be more specific with the suggestions that Jimi Hunt makes to make your life better.



3 comments on “Idea first plan

  1. crystar9 says:

    hey, love your ideas so far, maybe if there are steps you will be including, instead of numbering each step or using arrows, you could possibly use faces, with the first step having a sad face and with each step the face slowly gets happier. I believe this would make your image stand out. cant wait to see the finished product


  2. Spencer Fotu says:

    Hi Leah, I really like your idea, it is very complex to the other ideas I have seen. I am excited to see what you come up with. I like how you have already thought about using a brain. I think show your steps like a brainstorm would be cool but I am excited to see how depression would be symbolised.


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