Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Here is my progress so far. The main thing I am working on at the moment is getting all the information I need to finish my infographic. I need a few points each side for how negative and positive self talk affects the body. I am also thinking of including some examples of what negative and positive self talk is, perhaps with a speech bubble from the mouth, or otherwise a box at the bottom with tips for how to turn negative self talk into positive.

I think I also need to do a bit more work with colour as I’m not sure all the colours go together well. And I am very indecisive about the colour and font of the text at the bottom.

My plan for the rest of the infographic is to have the information mentioned above pointing to different areas of the body, and to also do more tracing of organs, so that I have more than just the effects on the brain, but also to the heart, lungs etc. I am also going to play around with gradients on the clothing.

Thoughts would be appreciated!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.27.11 pm


11 comments on “WIP

  1. John Varona says:

    This is looking really good. I really like the illustrations of the brain and the person. I do have to agree with you about the colour. I think you need to work on making sure that the word ‘negative’ can be seen on the black background. Also the text at the bottom, you should try and use a slightly thicker font so that it’ll stand out more. It seems that you still have a few more illustrations planned, I hope they go well. Can’t wait to see the finished piece!!


  2. muddypuddle4 says:

    looking so good! Has a real professional feel to it! yes the colour may need work, but thats what progress is about 🙂 it gives you time to fix things 🙂 cant wait to see the final ones 🙂


  3. sarahdowns22 says:

    Leah, this is looking really good so far!! Your main image of the women with the brain is immediately eye catching and engages the viewer. I particularly like the use of the white outline on the women and the vibrant pink of the brain pops really well. The colour palette of the women works really well aswell, it incorporates colours which complement each other while still remaining quite minimal to the eye. So far, the negative/positive typography is working well, however I would suggest playing around with the font used on ‘self talk’ – perhaps something stronger and bolder would work better and use a font not so similar to the font used on ‘positive’ and this statement is meant to be objective. Overall, it looks very professional and I can imagine working in a magazine such as MindFood or The Listener.


  4. crystar9 says:

    looks good, and i love your image it is very eye catching. However the black writing on the grey background makes it a little hard to read (maybe you could use the same yellow on the other side of your infographic on the grey side of your infographic as it will make it stand out a little more) keep up the good work 🙂


  5. ida says:

    Really nice work so far, I have to say! I really like that you used the woman as such a central element – she is very eye catching. I think you have chosen really good fonts for the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ and even though the ‘negative’ part is black on grey, I think it works pretty well. The font you chose for ‘Self-talk’ is a bit to light, I would say. Try to find a bolder font that makes it clear that Self-talk is the headline instead of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’- right now they are more eyecathing than the actual headline. Overall I really like your work and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result!


  6. This is really cool! I like the concept of your idea. I think the colour scheme you’ve got going is unusual but it totally works. The pink and the yellow go surprisingly well together in my opinion.The way you’ve managed to get the graphic of the woman is pretty awesome. The only thing I’d do is make the font at the bottom stand out more…just thicker or something. It’s awesome so far! 🙂


  7. I think your idea is great, it looks simple yet it is visually appealing. I wonder if you have thought about changing the colour of the positive side, one because white font on a yellow background is hard to read, and two because I think maybe a light green colour would go with the red, and blue of the woman’s clothes. I also find it strange that the woman has a white outline (stroke) on everything but her skirt, I think maybe it would be worth seeing if it would work on the skirt also, just to keep the image consistent. Otherwise I think the other colours chosen are all working well together, and splitting the image in half and contrasting the two sides is making good use of the image’s composition. Keep up the good work.


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  9. Hinata2015 says:

    I think you have done a really great job on your work but i have a few ideas that you might want to do to bring out the negative and positive sides on your work. why dont you do a darker color for half of the brain and the positive side with a happy color because pink to me does not show positive or negative side to a person. But any way well done i love your work.


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