Research post 3 – The right amount of text

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

The main point to consider when creating an infographic is getting the right amount of text. An infographic shouldn’t be too wordy, as it defeats it’s purpose and hinders clear communication. According to you should aim to use images instead of words at every chance you have, as images create much more impact. says that infographics should SHOW NOT TELL. It is important to balance the text with images, and to convert text to images wherever possible. It is also important to try to avoid slapping paragraphs of information in the infographic as they will be overlooked/not read and the information will be wasted. This source also gives examples of how the text used should work with and be relevant to specific parts of the visuals. I am really focussing on this in my infographic as the information I need to convey is directly linked to certain parts of the body, which it will be pointed to.

Overall, I need to use as little text as possible, using images to convey meaning which should work in communicating my meaning clearly without adding paragraphs of text to explain what I want to convey.


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